Thursday, July 24, 2008

woah a robins nest!!!

this is a story i will tell for the rest of my life

i was at my grandmas playing bean bag toss with my sister when my sister stopped and walked away and about 5 secons later she ran to me and said xxxxxx [my name...] i found a baby bird!!! and it was a 2 week old robin! so it tried to fly away but poor bird its neck and leg were broken so it flew for 2 seconds then it fell so me and xxxxxxx [sistrs name...] told our grandma and then she spotted a nest in one of her trees that was probably 18 feet away fromwhere we found it!so she asked me to climb up the tree an i couldnt get high enough to see the top so i stuck my hand in and the first thing i felt was somthing smooth i thought it was a leaf and i pulled out ...............A GREEN ROBINS EGG! so then i put the egg in its nest and got down from the tree to think evreything out the end p.s. this was written on the same day this happend

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